Some of Our Solutions

Software Protection

As a software creator/vendor, the balance between strong software protection, an effective licensing scheme and a plug-and-play distribution model that doesn’t burden the end user with an over-complicated setup process, is integral in maintaining maximized profit margins. By using UniKey®, you’re ensuring the protection of your software from piracy & reverse engineering, while having the utilities, samples and documentation to implement a license model that fits your customers and software’s use case/specifications.

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PKI Two Factor Authentication

In the digital age of today, an increasingly substantial amount of organizational and personal information is being migrated and accessed online. Technology has undoubtedly brought convenience, and to a large extent, altered how we handle information. Whether on PC or Mobile, SecuTech is at the forefront of information security. By employing their flagship product: UniMate® - as a strong Two Factor Authentication solution, you can rest easy knowing your digital credentials and information stay secure.

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OATH based OTP

Information security is always centered as the primary concern by most organizations, especially at the login/authentication stage. However, It is difficult to manage employees’ credentials and secure login practices at all times, thankfully, with dynamic one time password authenticators an extra layer of protection is added against brute force attacks or leaked passwords. The UniOTP® range are available in event or time-based authenticators, and are OATH standard compliant (i.e. can be used/paired with other OATH based 3rd party servers).

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Hybrid Interface

At SecuTech we recognize the importance of flexibility and compatibility between dual USB interfaces and interoperability between both PC/Mobile devices.

  1. UniKey® Software Protection with reversible USB interface (USB A & C)
  2. UniMate®Authentication on PC and Mobile (USB and TRRS interface)

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OEM Customization

  1. Case Color
  2. Laser Logo Engraving
  3. Serial Engraving
  4. HID Customization
  5. Device Naming

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Why Choose SecuTech?

For the past decade, SecuTech has been regarded as a global leader in providing hardware-based software protection & licensing options, as well as strong two factor authentication for Windows, iOS and Linux based systems, with a wide array of customizability and flexibility that tailor to everchanging business needs. Quality, compatibility & reliability are some of SecuTech’s core values and are the cornerstone of our product strategy. Our employees persistently pursue the latest information security technology to ensure that current and future malicious threats are quelled.

UniKey – Software Protection:

Software protection and licensing management dongle that is highly customizable and easy to use with a myriad of features: network management and support, RTC (Real Time Clock), partitionable secure flash memory, USB A and C support, depending on your needs. Ensure only users in possession of the physical dongle can access your software.

UniMate – PKI Two Factor Authentication:

PKI based two-factor smart card authentication token that manages a broad range of digital certificates, passwords and other credentials that are used in the verification process. Correct password and the UniMate is required for the authentication process to succeed, considerably minimizing the ability to falsify a user’s identity.

UniOTP – OTP Two Factor Authentication:

OATH based one-time password (OTP) tokens generate a unique secondary password ensuring that only properly authenticated users are granted access. Available in both event- & time-based.


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