Scan and Pay

Custom Solution

While SecuTech Solutions specializes in cyber security hardware, we have also spearheaded custom technologically advanced projects. Scan and Pay was developed to add convenience and security to tourist Smart Bike and E-Car rental spots, while offering the benefits of 24 hour self checkout from the convenience of their phone. By merging a free smart phone app and an integrated QR system, the user isn’t burdened with the hassle of having to handle cash, or pesky operator interaction. They are free to enjoy the pristine scenery at their own pace and schedule.

WeChat App

WeChat (developed by Tencent), is a popular multipurpose messaging, social media and payment mobile app that was the primary integration target. Users can rent, pay, track and get support options directly through the WeChat app. Other 3rd party apps can also be compatible for our Scan and Pay system.

Rental Procedure

The rental process is simple: the user (or tourist) arrives at the smart bike or E-Car rental location, uses the WeChat app or scan the QR code to make a booking & payment, the vehicle is unlocked, a booking confirmation is sent to the user, the user is now free to use the vehicle, and finally scan the QR code when returning the vehicle to confirm its return status. GPS and other support features are also present on the bike/E-Car.

The vehicle is loaded with an on board terminal that displays: the vehicle location, various navigation options and support information. Hand held ticketing systems are also available for modular maintenance checking, information withdrawal and general optimization. The other benefits are seamless integration with an integrated marketing app that can report and monitor various information; e.g. income generation per scenic view analysis.

Consideration Layers

SecuTech had great challenges when designing the overall system structure, ensuring that flexibility and ease of use is paramount to both tourists and employees. Security was also a great concern as the bikes/E-Cars would potentially get stolen, vandalized or not maintained properly; therefore an effective protection layer was also required. The protection layer consists of a dispatch center and a monitoring system.

Electric Car Self Checkout Platform with QR Scan

Overall the combination of having a mobile based payment system, with the technological benefits of implementing smart security options and operational monitoring, succeeded in bringing a safe and convenient self- checkout system to an already crowded city. Tourists are already seeing the benefits of a stress-free sightseeing experience. SecuTech is known worldwide for high quality products, reliability and meeting clients’ expectations.