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KoalaKey Personal version 1.0

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Data and password protection token

PIN operation
Typical drive speed
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Visual feedback, when inserted, the KoalaKey provides visual feedback on the type of USB connection it has been inserted into, 2 flashes indicate USB2, 3 flashes indicate USB 3. No flashing indicates a driver issue or no signal. The activity light on the KoalaKey indicates a PIN press, and the unlock light indicates the KoalaKey’s status. If both lights flash slowly without stopping, please disconnect and re-insert the KoalaKey. This can occur after an update or a configuration change.

PIN operation

Driverless with 5 button PIN unlock using a unique PIN window shifting technique, providing 2 user levels and 3 drives with ease of use:

  1. Guest drive which is read only upon insertion
  2. Encrypted drive accessible after authentication
  3. Raw drive accessible after authentication


After authentication, pressing a PIN will type a pre-stored password loaded into the KoalaKey. Please use the GumTree tool to configure the passwords and KoalaKey behaviour. PIN combinations can also be used to configure the KoalaKey when unlocked.


To lock the KoalaKey again, hold button 1, then press 2.

To change the PIN of the KoalaKey, hold button 1 then press 3. 

Type in your new PIN, this must be atleast 5 digits long. 

Hold 1 until lights flash twice.

Re-type the same combination

If successful, lights will flash 3 times.

If there is an issue, lights will flash 4 times.

To keep the KoalaKey unlocked for next insertion, hold button 1 and press 4. This will be cleared upon re-insertion, or if the KoalaKey is locked.


Multiple failed unlock attempts by default will factory reset the KoalaKey, please note data stored in the encrypted drive will be lost and the PIN will revert back to the default: 12345. This behaviour is configurable using the GumTree tool.

Typical drive speed

Typical read write speeds in MBps:

USB2: Raw R/W: 33/31 Encrypted R/W: 22/21

USB3: Raw R/W: 72/63 Encrypted R/W: 25/24


USB Protocols and supported operating systems:

Composite device with 3 interfaces: HID interface for Keyboard, an encrypted generic HID interface for use with utilities and a mass storage interface using generic drivers. This means the KoalaKey will work with all modern OS’s (for example Windows XP and up) without the need for additional software. Older operating systems may need their official USB drivers.

Support and company information

Support and company information:

Visit the website at: koalakey.com

AuthTech pty ltd is proudly Australian owned, with all research, design and development done in house in Sydney. Assembled in China.


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