Innovation is a Journey not a Destination

Information Technology is ever more prominent in today’s businesses, and as a result malicious entities have not been slow to take advantage of possible vulnerabilities. Thankfully, SecuTech is a global leader in providing hardware based software protection & licensing options, as well as strong authentication for Windows, iOS and Linux based systems, with a wide array of flexibility that tailor to varying business needs.

Our solutions enable our customers to adapt to escalating internal and external threats to their sensitive data, and rapidly evolve to address new business requirements and compliance mandates. Our flagship products include:

UniKey®: Software protection and licensing management dongle that is highly customizable and easy to use with a myriad of features: network management and support, RTC (Real Time Clock), partitionable secure flash memory, USB A and C support, depending on your needs. Ensure only users in possession of the physical dongle can access your software.

UniOTP®: OATH based one-time password (OTP) tokens generate a unique secondary password ensuring that only properly authenticated users are granted access. Available in both event- & time-based types, UniOTP is built to be reliable for continuous use, ideal for remote access solutions.

UniMate®: PKI based two-factor smart card authentication token that manages a broad range of digital certificates, passwords and other credentials that are used in the verification process. Correct password and the UniMate is required for the authentication process to succeed, considerably minimizing the ability to falsify a user’s identity.