Data, Software, Password token

The KoalaKey is a hybrid device combining ease of use with security.

For personal, software licensing or enterprise use, the KoalaKey can meet almost anyone’s needs.

Within a single token, the KoalaKey’s solution provides:

Data security

Configurable drives for encrypted or high performance with read only options allows the KoalaKey to fulfill different roles and needs.

Software protection

Handled by a RESTful API and an innovative, read only interpreter allowing software developers to run entire sections of their sensitive code on the KoalaKey itself, making reverse engineering impossible.

Password management

After authentication, the KoalaKey is used as a password manager, storing either a static or HOTP one time password to each PIN press.

Ease of use

Through AuthTech’s unique PIN window and combining a simple command line interface to automate access on trusted devices, the KoalaKey is the closest thing to easy security.

User management

By allowing for different user levels provides administrators with the ability to partition access to certain features. With this level of control, potential accidents can be prevented.

3rd party authentication

To demonstrate that a user is authorized to a particular system, the KoalaKey provides the perfect, physical proof that a user is who they claim to be, beyond what is capable of standard input devices.

Unparalleled customization

Almost all features of the KoalaKey is customizable, this ensures that your KoalaKey is unique to you and your environment.

Attack and tamper resistant

The KoalaKey will destroy itself if a user attempts to open the KoalaKey’s case, ensuring your sensitive data can not be reached by un-authorized users.
Attack detection is configurable with the KoalaKey, all communication from KoalaKey utilities is encrypted, employing anti repeat and anti cracking techniques.