SecuTech is a global leader in providing strong authentication and software licensing management solutions for Fortune 500 global corporations and government agencies. Our comprehensive solutions focus on the protection of software and intellectual property, license management, and strong authentication solutions available across multiple platforms.

SecuTech enables customers to adapt to escalating internal and external threats to their sensitive data, and rapidly evolve to address new business requirements. Our products deliver persistent protection of sensitive data throughout the information lifecycle by:

  • Protecting identities of users and applications
  • Enabling cloud-based infrastructures through protection and control of data in virtual environments
  • Protecting the value of intellectual property for independent software vendors by providing software and technology vendors with the tools required to effectively and efficiently manage and enforce software licenses, and expand revenue and monetization opportunities in all environments, including the cloud.

Focus On Tomorrow’s Security Needs

SecuTech’s employees persistently pursue the latest information technology that is driving the development of the industry’s cutting-edge products.

Across Increasingly Global, Mobile, and Cloud Environments

We will work closely with your: CEOs, Software Engineers and Students willing to learn, across over 62 countries, and are careful to maintain a clear and straightforward line of discourse. SecuTech will recommend the correct implementation of our flagship solutions, or coordinate a new/custom solution instead to make sure your project is successful.


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