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UniKey Video Protector

UniKey Video Protect Tool has two parts:

UniKey Video Protector

This tool is for vendors to encrypt their video file(s) and then send the encrypted video file(s) to their end users. If the correct UniKey dongle has not been inserted into the end user's computer, then the encrypted video file(s) cannot be accessed or used.

UniKey Video Player

This tool is for end users to access the encrypted video file(s) after inserting the correct UniKey dongle into their computer. The encrypted video file(s) will by default only work with the UniKey Video Player. If a vendor wants to use their own player, please contact our support team to ask for the respective libraries and APIs in order to integrate the UniKey video protection solution with their own player. Then your video player will be able to access the encrypted video files.

Please make sure you have the latest version of the UniKey SDK installed, it can be found at: https://www.esecutech.com/downloads.

If you do not have the password required to open the download, then please contact support at: https://www.esecutech.com/support.

Change the Password of the UniKey Dongle to your own

Open the UniKey Console located in the directory SDK\Utilities\Console

After logging in as a vendor, you can change the dongle's password, the default passwords are all 1234.

generating a new password using Console for a UniKey dongle

Choose the New Password tab and input a Seed value (4 digits) of your choice, and then press Generate. It will then generate your dongle's new password; this step will make your dongle unable to be duplicated by other people. Note, that the same seed will generate the same password; please do keep this in mind. You can change the password for any dongle ONLY TWICE; this limit is to deter hackers from trying to duplicate the password in order to crack your dongle. After this, please exit the Console software, it will then generate a UniKeyPWD.txt file in the Console folder, inside of this file it will record the seed value used and your current password. If you forget your password or seed value, you can refer to this file.

Encrypt Video File(s) by using the UniKey Video Protector

Please open the UniKey Video Encyptor.exe located in the directory SDK\Video Protector\Video Vendor

There is also a UniKey-Video-Protector.pdf which you can refer to if you need additional help, or as a companion piece to this document.

UniKey Video Encryptor tool main window

Clicking the [...] button will let you add new video file(s) you want to be protected.

UniKey Video Protector open new file

Choose the corresponding video format. Please choose 'All files (*.*)' for your file type, if your video's file format is not displayed in the list. Then choose your video file(s), and after encrypting, it will generate a folder called EncryptVideo, and the protected video file will be saved inside of it. Only when you insert the UniKey dongle and use the Unikey Video Player can the video be watched.

Input UniKey's Four Passwords

UniKey Video Encryptor enter passwords

Please input your UniKey's four passwords in these fields. In order to use UniKey Video Encryptor, you need to input all four passwords correctly to verify vendor permission, and have the UniKey dongle attached.

Bind to UniKey Device(s)

If you want to set an expiration time for your video, you can bind a time module, and similarly if you want to limit playback time, you can bind a module. If you want other UniKey dongles to be able to use the encrypted video, and they have the same passwords, DO NOT select the Bind HID option. Then press Encrypt, the encrypted video folder will be generated in the same directory as your video file. Send the encrypted video along with the corresponding dongle(s) to your clients.

UniKey Video Encryptor important settings

Bind HID is used for binding the encrypted video file to your dongle's unique Hardware ID, this will allow only this UniKey dongle to access the encrypted video file.

Bind SID is used for binding the encrypted video file to your self-defined software ID, this will allow end users to play the same encrypted video file with different UniKey dongles. In order to share the encrypted video file, please keep the Bind HID option unchecked.

Bind Module is used to bind the encrypted video file with your dongles' license modules. UniKey STD, PRO and Time have 64 license modules to use, while UniKey Drive has 256 modules. After binding the encrypted video file with the specific module, the encrypted video file can only be accessed by that UniKey dongle for as long as the bound module is active.

Install the UniKey Player for Clients and Run the Encrypted Video File

Please double click the Easy Setup.exe located in the directory SDK\Video Protector\Player

easy setup files

And install the player and its components. Then open the player and play the encrypted video file, while the dongle is connected to your client's PC. If you don’t insert the correct dongle into the PC, then you cannot play the encrypted video file.

UniKey Video Player title screen