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UniOTP Frequently Asked Questions Category

Can I merge UniOTP tokens with my management system?

UniOTP provides support for XML PSKC token file formats, being OATH compliant. Administrators only need to import this token file to their OTP management system for the operation of UniOTP.

How can I use UniOTP if I don’t have an OTP management system?

Our own UniOTP management system can be deployed directly; this system can be found inside the UniOTP SDK. Alternatively, you can choose to use our partners' certified OTP management system. Please contact for more information regarding our partners' OTP management system.

How can I use UniOTP if a value within the XML PSKC token file is not supported by my OTP management system?

Customization services of UniOTP are available, owing to us directly being the manufacturer of UniOTP tokens. Please contact to customize the values within the XML PSKC token file to fit your requirements.

How many digits is the generated OTP

UniOTP supports generating up to 8-digit OTPs.

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