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UniMate is a family of new two-factor authentication tokens designed by SecuTech, based on smart card technology, and focusing on versatile and mobile platforms, and PCs. It includes:

  • UniMate USB - a two-factor USB authentication device, providing portable authentication and verification solutions.
  • UniMate Drive - identical to the UniMate USB, it offers in addition a virtual CD, password-protected and hidden partition, to go along with its default storage.
  • UniMate STD - a two-factor mobile authentication token, that includes both a 3.5mm TRRS audio connector and a type A USB connector.
  • UniMate Flex - nearly identical to the UniMate STD, the UniMate Flex additionally offers an interactive LED display, providing greater transaction details.


The level of protection offered by current mobile technology when transmitting data has been known to be broken. The KASUMI block cipher used to protect 3G mobile communications has many known exploits, the publicly documented and published related key attack in January 2010 proves that the cipher is not secure.

The UniMate project team's idea was to use a separate authentication device which takes advantage of proven and effective techniques to provide strong authentication for mobile platforms.

As most mobile devices do not have a USB port, the popular USB token solution is not suitable for mobile devices. Considering that most mobile devices have an audio jack interface, the UniMate is equipped with a TRRS plug to transfer data between mobile devices and UniMate tokens.

To make the UniMate more adaptable, the project team maintained a micro USB port to support PCs, and the internal battery can be charged via that USB port.

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