WIN VisualBasic IDE

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Create a New Project

Visual Basic create new project

Create a Dialog and Add Text Area for Output

Visual Basic add text area for output

Add 2 Buttons for Testing Usage

Visual Basic two buttons added

Double Click to Edit Code

Visual Basic editing source code

Add a Module

Visual Basic add new module

Double Click to Edit Module

Visual Basic editing module source code

Save Module

Visual Basic saving module

Enter a Name and Save the Module

Visual Basic saved module name

Declare the UniKey Functions in the Module

Visual Basic declaring UniKey functions

Copy and Paste UniKey API Calls in a Function/Event

Visual Basic copying source code

Unikey API Calls are Shown in Function

Visual Basic showing UniKey API calls

Paste more Code in Another Function

Visual Basic adding more source code

All the Unikey APIs are Listed in VB Project

Visual Basic displaying even more API functions

Put UniKey.dll into Project Folder

Visual Basic placing UniKey.dll into project folder

Compile and Run the Sample

Visual Basic compiling project

Run UniKey Test

Visual Basic runtime output

Run UniKey Real Time API Test

Visual Basic UniKey real-time clock tests