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How to Load UniKey.dll in Python

Download Python 3.1.2 (you can download the latest version)

Install Python (run setup)

Python setup window

Python installation directory

Python what features to install

Python installing Python

Python install complete

Set the Environment Path

My Computer - Properties

system properties

environment variables

new user variable

running python on the command-line

Copy the UniKey.dll File into the Working Directory

Python working directory

Write Code in Python IDLE

opening Python IDLE

Python shell

Please write the following code in Python Shell.

>>> import ctypes as C
>>> h=C.c_short()
>>> lp1 = C.c_ulong()
>>> lp2 = C.c_ulong()
>>> dll = C.windll.LoadLibrary('UniKey.dll')
>>> dll.UniKey_Find(C.byref (h) , C.byref (lp1) , C.byref(lp2))

The return 0 indicates that a UniKey dongle has been successfully found.

Python shell running code