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About This Guide

UniToken Init is a graphical user interface (GUI) tool that assists software developers to configure UniToken parameters for web use.

UniToken Init

Note: Please select the appropriate UniToken Init application according to your server-side scripting language. At present, UniToken supports ASP, ASP.NET and PHP. Launching the UniToken Init application, will bring up the window below.

UniToken Init login window

  • Enter the User ID in UserID (less than 16 characters).
  • Check the Auto check-box to automatically generate credentials, otherwise define the credentials in Credential.
  • Enter the User PIN used by users to log onto the UniToken Pro token in UserPIN, or check the Default check-box for the factory default User PIN "user", without quotation marks.
  • Enter the URL of the server in Server URL.

The UniToken Init tool can also be used to change a User's PIN. To do so, check the Change User PIN check-box, and enter the new user PIN twice to confirm. Click the Burn button to begin applying changes to the UniToken.

'succesfully burned the UniToken' message

You have burnt your UniToken successfully if you see the above pop-up window. An insert SQL command will be added into the ImportSql.sql file which is in the same folder where UniToken Init tool is located. Open this file with a text editor, and you can add new records into the SQL database used to store user information. For more information, please refer to the Video Tutorial Guides.