UniToken WebAuthentication Daemon Tool

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The UniToken Daemon tool is a GUI application run on the users' computer, and provides functions including logging onto the token, modifying settings and resetting user passwords. This tool is distributed together with UniToken PRO to users.

Launching the UniToken Daemon Tool

After launching the UniToken Daemon tool, the User Logon window below will appear.

UniToken Daemon Tool login window

Enter the User PIN to log onto the device. Note: The User ID displayed in the above window is the UniToken ID. If logging onto the UniToken device was successful, an icon will appear in the notification area.

Assign an Internet Browser for use by UniToken

In the System Settings tab, select the browser you would like to use, then click Apply.

UniToken System Settings, choosing a browser

Reset User PIN

In the Change PIN tab, input fields Old PIN, New PIN and Confirm respectively. Click Submit to reset the User PIN.

UniToken Daemon changing PIN

If resetting the User's PIN was successful, this message will appear.

'new password successfully set'