UniToken Integration Guide Windows 7 Client Smart Card Configuration

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Configure Windows 7 to join your Windows Domain

Please note that the following guide requires the configured computer to be Windows 7 Professional or a higher edition to be able to join a Windows domain.

From the Start Menu, right-click on [My Computer] and select [Properties].

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Under the subheading "Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings" near the bottom right of the window, click on [Change settings].

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Under the tab "Computer name" in the "System Properties" window, click on [Change].

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Below "Member of" in the field "Domain", input the name of your Windows domain to join. In this example, 'secutech' was entered. Click on [OK] to continue.

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A pop-up window will appear asking to enter the name and password of the account to join the domain with. Input the corresponding username and the password for the user account and click [OK] to continue.

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The confirmation window containing the message [Welcome to (domain name) domain.] will appear when joining the domain was successful.

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To apply the new settings, it is necessary to restart the computer.

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Install the PKI Package

This section explains how to install the PKI package that can be found inside the UniToken SDK. The End User package can be found inside the folder "Redist/Enduser/". First, ensure the account logged into the computer is the same as the above connected to the Windows domain. Right-click on the PKI package installation file and choose [Run as administrator].

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Click on [Next] in the InstallShield Wizard welcome screen.

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Input your User Name and Company Name and click on [Next].

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Select [Complete] and click on [Next].

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Click on [Install] to begin the installation of the PKI package.

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Verify that the InstallShield Wizard completed successfully and click on [Finish].

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Request and Install the Certificate from the CA

Launch Internet Explorer and navigate to "https://[address of domain server]/certsr".

E.g. The URL "", without the quotation marks, was entered in this example.

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Input your username and password to log in when requested.

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On the "Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services" main page, under "Select a task", click on [Request a certificate].

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Under "Request a certificate", click on [advanced certificate request].

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Under "Advanced Certificate Request" on the page, select [Create and submit a request to this CA].

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A "Web Access Confirmation" warning message will appear, asking to confirm the operation. Click on [Yes] to continue.

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Under the subheading "Key Options" on the "Advanced Certificate Request" page, select [Smartcard User] from the drop-down list for "Certificate Template", and [UniToken PRO CSP v2.0] from the drop-down list for "CSP". Continue with the default settings and click on [Submit] to apply for the certificate.

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A window requesting the PIN for the UniToken device will appear. Input the User PIN and click on [OK] to continue.

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A "Web Access Confirmation" warning message will appear, asking to confirm the operation. Click on [Yes] to continue.

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Click on [Install this certificate] on the "Certificate Issued" page to install the certificate within the token.

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The "Certificate Installed" page will appear when the installation is complete.

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Configure Smart Card Logon

In the start menu, type "gpedit.msc", without the quotation marks, in the search field, and right-click on "gpedit" and select [Run as administrator].

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On the [Group Policy] page, in [Computer Configuration], [Windows Settings], [Security Settings],[Local Policies], [Security Options], right-click on [Interactive Logon: Requires smart card] and select [Properties].

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Under the [Local Security Setting] tab, select [Enabled] and click on [OK] to apply.

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In the same directory, right-click [Interactive logon: Smart card removal behavior] and select [properties]

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Under the [Local Security Setting] tab, select the action to perform when the UniToken device is removed from the computer, then click on [OK] to apply.

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