UniToken Hardware Troubleshooting

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UniToken Hardware Troubleshooting Steps.

Note: Please ensure throughout the troubleshooting process no other UniToken device is used and/or plugged in.

Connect UniToken device

Plug the UniToken device into an available USB port on your computer.

UniToken being plugged into computer

Observe LED indicator

LED indicator is on the opposite end of the USB connector

A flashing LED light indicates the UniToken device is not recognized by the computer. Under normal circumstances, the LED light should not be flashing when used under Windows, Mac OSX, MinGW, MIPS, ARM, FreeBSD and Linux; however, if it is, reconnect the UniToken device to the computer to attempt to resolve the problem. A situation where the LED light on the device may be flashing is if you are using UniToken on a Virtual Machine. Please check if the UniToken Device is mounted onto the system. When the device is mounted, keep the device plugged in and reboot the system under the Virtual Machine. After the Virtual Machine has restarted, the device should now be recognized by the system.

If reconnecting and connecting the UniToken device to a different port has not resulted in the operating system recognizing the UniToken device, continue to the next step.

Troubleshoot UniToken with the UniToken Monitor Tool

The Unitoken Monitor Tool is installed along with the PKI Package from the UniToken PRO SDK, under the directory UniToken Pro SDK\Redist\ If UniToken Monitor is installed but not already running, go to Start Menu - All Programs - SecuTech and open the UniToken Monitor tool.

UniToken PRO Monitor tool

If the device is recognized and information about the UniToken device is listed, the device is functioning. If the device and respective information is not listed, the UniToken device has not been recognized by UniToken Monitor. If this is the case, repeat the above steps on a different computer and observe any changes. If the above steps have been unsuccessful on different computers, the UniToken device in question may be damaged.

Contact SecuTech Technical Support

If the above troubleshooting steps have not rectified the problem experienced by your UniToken device, please contact us at support@esecutech.com or directly by opening a ticket at https://esecutech.com/support, with a description of the issue and troubleshooting steps taken for your affected UniToken device, to facilitate quick assistance.