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What is UniToken?

UniToken is a USB two-factor authentication token. UniToken utilizes PKI technology, and can be employed for user authentication for a variety of applications.

What is UniToken's three level password system?

To log onto a UniToken device, a PIN (Personal Identification Number; note that the PIN used is not restricted to solely numbers) is used for user management on the device. UniToken implements three separate levels of security, each using separate passwords for the different permission levels. Below is a list of the user permissions on UniToken, from lowest to highest:

  • Without Login: Guest permissions
  • User Login: User permissions ('user')
  • Admin Login: Administrator permissions ('admin')

What is UniToken's secure file system?

The UniToken Secure File System allows the management of files to be utilized by the three-level permission system. Operations on files with certain restrictions require certain permissions. There are three different levels of file permissions:

  • Guest: All users are able to read the file. Only Users and Admins can modify the file.
  • User: Guests cannot read the file. Users and Admins can read and modify the file.
  • Admin: Only Admins can read and write to the file.
User Actions
Guest User Admin
File Permission Guest Read Read/Write Read/Write
User None Read/Write Read/Write
Admin None None Read/Write

What is UniToken's auto-lock feature?

UniToken's auto-lock feature automatically locks the device to prevent any further log in attempts as a security measure after an incorrect PIN has been entered in succession more than the "Maximal Attempt Times" number.

Can I use UniToken for smart card authentication?

Yes. Installing the PKI redistribution package allows you to perform Windows Smart Card Authentication with UniToken. Please see the appropriate documentation.

How many digital certificates can be stored in a single UniToken device?

Digital certificates are securely stored in what is known as a certificate container. Generally speaking, a single UniToken device can store up to two certificates in its certificate container.

What are the differences between the UniToken models?

Please see UniToken Compare Features.

How can I begin using UniToken?

Please see the UniToken Quick Start Guide.

What is the default Administrator and User PIN?

The factory default PIN for Administrator is "admin", and the default for User is "user".

Where can I receive resources or assistance?

Please see Additional resources.


What does "driverless" mean?

The UniToken authentication dongle is driverless, meaning UniToken requires no installation of drivers or additional software. Supported operating systems already possess the drivers needed by UniToken to operate and are automatically installed upon the first connection of the UniToken device, significantly reducing the problems associated with driver-dependent devices.

What steps does SecuTech take to ensure UniToken is environmentally sustainable?

SecuTech is committed to supplying products that are environmentally friendly. All parts and production processes of UniToken are lead-free and ROHS-compliant.


Which redistribution package should I use?

For full PKI application support, please install the developer’s package which provides support for PKCS#11 and MS-CAPI. For non-PKI application support, please install the end user’s package which enables UniToken API support.

What programming interfaces does UniToken support?

UniToken supports three sets of APIs: PKCS#11, MS-CAPI, and UniToken APIs.

What encryption algorithms does UniToken support?

UniToken supports RSA, 3DES, AES encryption algorithms and MD5 and SHA-1 hashing algorithms.


What does the light on the UniToken dongle indicate?

The UniToken Status Indicator Light is the LED light on the UniToken device which displays the status of the device. If the LED light on the UniToken device is continually on, it is recognized by the computer and should be functioning correctly. If the LED light on the UniToken device is flashing, then the UniToken device has not been recognized by the computer. If this is the case, reconnect the UniToken device to the computer, otherwise contact SecuTech Technical Support at https://www.esecutech.com/support or support@esecutech.com.

My UniToken device is locked. What should I do?

If the UniToken device has locked itself, only the Administrator can unlock the device. To do so, the Administrator must log in and unlock the device through the Unlock button, found under User.

Additional resources

Where can I receive further assistance?

We, at SecuTech, are dedicated to providing high-quality technical support to our customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at https://www.esecutech.com/support or support@esecutech.com.