UniKey Updater And Generator Tool

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UniKey Updater & Generator

Version 8.4

Version 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 2.0 2.1 2.2 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 7.1 7.3 8.0 8.1 8.2 8.3 8.4
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Remote Updater

select .upt file for updating with remote updater

General Information about the Remote Updater

It is a common need for software vendors to upgrade their software at the end-user side. UniKey provides a remote update solution so that the end-user does not need to send the UniKey dongle back to the software vendor. By using UniKey Remote Updater, all updating can be done by simply clicking the mouse. All the data is encrypted and protected by a 128-bit key. UniKey Remote Updater provides a flexible updating scheme. By implementing updating criteria, software vendors can update a single UniKey dongle, a batch of UniKey dongles, or specific UniKeys with the correct SID. Software vendors can also set a pass phrase to the UniKey Updater files (*.upt), so that only end-users with the correct password can use the file to update a UniKey dongle.

How to Update a UniKey Dongle Remotely

There are 2 steps to update a UniKey dongle remotely:

  1. The Software vendor generates a UniKey Updater file with the UniKey Generator.
  2. The end-user receives this .upt file and uses the UniKey Updater tool to apply new settings to the UniKey.

how the UniKey remote updater works

UniKey Generator

UniKey Generator is used when creating an update file (*.upt file) for remote end-users. It works with the UniKey Updater, to provide a practical and reliable solution for software vendors to remotely update an end-users UniKey.

Basic Settings

In the generator window, on the Basic Settings tab, enter the UniKeys four passwords respectively.

UniKey Generator basic settings tab
The default passwords are only 1234, while for UniKey Drive the default passwords are only 12345678
  • New SID: Allows a software vendor to set a new software ID for the UniKey.
  • New Update Tag: Allows a software vendor to set a new update tag.
  • Bind HID, Bind SID, Bind Module No. and Bind Update Tag: Allows software vendors to generate an update file to operate only on a specified UniKey which matches the set parameters.

Memory Settings

UniKey Generator memory settings tab

When you click "Add", an Add Memory window will pop up as below.

UniKey Generator add memory (start address and length) window

Click "Load" to open a file, and the files content will be displayed in the data message box. Click "Save" to save the file. Enter the start address and length to open part of the files content. Click "OK" to add this file to Memory Settings. The files content that is added will be displayed in the Memory Settings message box. Users can edit this data by picking each file in the list, and also delete files that are useless.

Module Settings

Module Settings enables you to set your software module number and module value to your update file.

UniKey Generator module settings tab

Clicking on "Add" will bring up an "Add Module window". Enter the module number and value, using the "Auto-decrement" option will decrese the module value automatically after every use by the end user.

UniKey Generator add module (number and value) window
UniKey Drive allows you to add modules between 0-255

Click "OK" to confirm your settings. All setting parameters will be listed in the message box and you can then edit or delete selected settings at will.

Arithmetic Settings

UniKey Generator arithmetic settings tab

Click "Add" to add a new algorithm.

UniKey Generator add algorithm (start point and algorithm) window

Enter a starting point value for the algorithm. The format of the algorithm must be written as A=B+C (no spaces) and variables can be defined by the customer. To add more than one algorithm use a comma (,) to separate algorithms. Click "OK" to add your new Algorithm. All your settings will be listed in the Arithmetic Settings message box. Click "Edit" to change your settings, and click "Delete" to remove.

Time Settings (Only for UniKey Time)

UniKey Generator time settings tab

Time Settings can only be used by the UniKey Time, indicating the exact start, end, or duration of each corresponding Module No. (0-15), this is designed to enable software renting or leasing. By setting parameters in this section, software vendors can set up a software module number and its corresponding start time (YY-MM-DD:HH), end time (YY-MM-DD:HH) or duration time (DD:HH). Click "Add" to add another time module, select an item then click "Edit" to change your settings, or click "Delete" to remove the selected setting. When you click on "Add", an Add Time Modules window will pop up.

UniKey Generator add time modules (number, start and end time, and duration) window

Enter the module number and start time. Either the end time or duration must be entered to add a Time Module. Click "ok" to add this module. Your settings will be displayed in the message box.

UPT File

In the UPT File tab, if you want to generate a password for this update file, please enable the Set File Password check box and input your desired password.

UniKey Generator UPT file tab

Click "Generate". A save file window will pop up as below, and you can set the directory to save in and a name for the update file.

UniKey Generator save file path

Congratulations! You have generated the Update file if you see the window below.

UPT file generated successfully