UniKey RTC Enveloper Protection Solution

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UniKey Time provides real-time clock (RTC) features and this article will introduce how to integrate UniKey Time with your own projects by using the UniKey Enveloper Tool. Each UniKey Time has an embedded battery; providing the UniKey Time with a real-time clock. This means that clock inside of the UniKey is unique and independent from a computer’s system time. Protected software will expire on time, even if the user changes his computer's system time. Each UniKey Time has 16 Time Modules; each UniKey Time Module can be used to set an expiration date for protected software.

The UniKey Enveloper Tool is stored in UniKey_SDK\Utilities\Enveloper\UniKey Enveloper Utility

To protect software with the UniKey Enveloper is simple, and is described in the following procedure below.

Open a New Project

In order to use the RTC feature, please make sure you are using a UniKey Time dongle and then open the UniKey Enveloper Tool. Use File->New Solution to create a new solution.

UniKey Enveloper default window

Choose UniKey Time as UniKey Type and input a Solution Name.

UniKey Enveloper new solution window

Press Add to add your own target software to the project.

UniKey Enveloper add new files

You can apply protection directly to data files, executables and DLLs (for more information on the Enveloper Tool, please refer to: UniKey Enveloper Tool)

UniKey Enveloper display newly added files

Switch to Professional Mode and Choose Time Settings

UniKey Enveloper Professional mode button

Under Bind Time Module Settings Page, please use Bind a Expiration Date, this will allow you to set an expiration date for your target software. Then please choose Bind Module No.0, there are 16 Time Modules for each UniKey Time dongle, we use Module No.0 for binding the Time Module. The Time field will allow you to input the expiry date you want for your protected software. By checking Expiration Time Warning, you can set the expiration date you want; then before the protected software has expired, a notification will automatically pop up to warn you.

UniKey Enveloper Professional mode - Hardware Configuration - Time Settings

Generate Protected Files

After finishing all the settings for the real-time clock, please click Protect. Then the UniKey Enveloper Tool will automatically do all the integration work and generate a protected file.

UniKey Enveloper tool protected folder generated

Please Note, the UniKey Enveloper Tool should be used with a 32-bit system and the protected files can be used on both 32- and 64-bit systems. The protected file will only work when the correct UniKey dongle is inserted into the system.