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UniKey Drive Init Tool

Please note that this section is only for the UniKey Drive.

Version 8.4

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The UniKey Drive Initialization tool is used to set the parameters of and initialize a UniKey Drive device. With the Init tool, settings which can be configured include the size of the general (normal) partition, the size of the password-protected partition, the size and password of the hidden partition and the contents of the read-only partition. These settings can be initialized to one or multiple UniKey Drive devices.

UniKey Drive Init and Entry tool settings tab
The example size shown is with the 2gb model, available options may vary depending on your UniKey Drive model.


In the settings tab, a software vendor has the ability to set the partition size of UniKey Drive and set which .iso image to use for the CD-ROM emulation by the UniKey Drive.

  • To set the Virtual CD-ROM emulation, please enter the location of the desired file or use the button next to the text box. Please note that you must have an image loaded and all 4 partitions must be created. In the directory with the Init tool launcher, a sample .iso image is provided which contains an autorun.inf and the UniKey Drive Entry tool.
  • The Hidden Drive partition is the area used to store sensitive data. This area is not accessible by any means other than pre-programmed commands using the API.
  • The General/Protected Drive physical capacity slider allows vendors control over the available space the end user has access to on the UniKey Drive. Please note that the Protected Drive requires a password to log into, whilst the General Drive is accessible to anyone.
  • Secure password input is required to make any changes to the UniKey. The default key is 123456.

To clear all your settings back to default, please click on the Reset button. The Save button creates an .ini file with the configurations made above, Load allows you to load a previously created .ini file. All fields must be filled and valid, the Virtual CD-ROM must be loaded with an image file. Otherwise, a warning message will be displayed if a field is left empty.


The Initing tab is used for initializing/burning the UniKey Drive to the settings made in the Settings tab.

UniKey Drive Init tool initializing tab
If the UniKey Drive is removed during the initialization process, it may cause severe damage to that UniKey Drive.

Please tick the 'In batch' button to create multiple copies of the same settings on multiple UniKey Drives. The Init button starts the burn process; this process will format your UniKey Drive, replace the existing settings with the newly configured settings. The progress bar shows the burning process percentage, and the Progress box provides details about the current operation. Once the Progress box outputs: Initialized successfully!. It is safe to remove the UniKey Drive. If the 'In batch' option is ticked, the following pop up will appear.

UniKey Drive in batch burning

It is now safe for you to remove the current UniKey Drive, and insert the next UniKey Drive to be initiated.


In the Record tab, initialization details are chronologically listed and a Print button is provided for your own records.