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UniKey supports protection for Flash files. Customers can utilize the UniKey Flash Protection Solution to protect their Flash files. UniKey Flash Protection Solution is quite simple, as all encryption methods have been automatically implemented, and it only takes around 10 minutes for a user to master all implementation steps.

The UniKey Flash Protection Solution is inside of UniKey SDK/Utilities folder

Protecting Flash Files

Find source Flash files(.swf)

UniKey Flash file system demo

Inside of the UniKey Flash Protection Solution, we provide a Flash file demo sample as a guide for our customers to learn how to protect it.

Use Flash Player to Open it

Please double click the Flash Player application inside of UniKey Flash Protection Solution (or use the newest version you may already have installed).

Adobe Flash Player blank window

Then open the target Flash file.

Adobe Flash Player file->open

Click File->Open to open the target Flash file by using Flash Player.

Adobe Flash Player open file

Create the corresponding.exe format Flash file

After the target Flash file is opened, we need to use Flash Player to create the corresponding .exe format Flash file

Adobe Flash Player Create Projector

Please choose File->Create Projector in order to create .exe format Flash file.

UniKey Flash Protection Demo created protected Flash file

The .exe format Flash file has been created successfully.

Protect Flash File by Using the UniKey Envelop Tool

After the .exe format flash file is created, we can use the UniKey Envelop Tool to protect it directly. This will allow the Flash file to be bound with the UniKey dongle, such that if end users don’t insert the correct UniKey dongle into the system, the enveloped .exe Flash file will not work.

UniKey Enveloper Select Files

We create a project and add the target .exe format Flash file by using the UniKey Envelop Tool, and then hit Protect and it will automatically envelope the Flash file.

UniKey Flash Protection Demo protected folder

A folder named protected will be generated, please place the protected Flash file inside of it before delivering to your end user(s). You will find by using the enveloped Flash file, end users will have to insert the correct UniKey dongle in order to use your Flash file. Otherwise, the protected flash file will not work.

Video Tutorial Guide

A video explanation of the above can be found at: https://upload.esecutech.com/UniKeyFlashProtectionVideoGuide.swf