UniKey Drive Virtual CD-ROM Solution

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Note: UniKey Drive only.

Virtual CD-ROM Partition

The UniKey Drive Virtual CD-ROM allows users to store files and folders within the UniKey device's read-only partition, and it functions the same way as the normal partition with the exception that all files are read-only, thus cannot be modified or deleted. From the perspective of the operating system, the partition appears as a CD-ROM (Compact Disc Read-Only Memory).

Below is the process of setting the contents on the UniKey Virtual CD-ROM partition.

Generate ISO Image

All files and folders that will be part of the contents of the Virtual CD-ROM drive must be archived into an .iso file. ISO images are used to specify the contents of an optical disc, and may be configured to 'autorun' (automatically run) an executable when inserted into the machine. An .iso image can be produced using image creation software. One recommendation is ImgBurn.

Load with UniKey Init Tool

Once an .iso image has been produced from the desired files and folders, the image can then be loaded onto the UniKey device with the UniKey Init tool. Notably, while configuring settings within the Init tool, the ISO to load onto the UniKey Drive can be selected from Virtual CD (ISO File) in the Settings tab.

UniKey Drive Init Tool Virtual CD (ISO File)

Please see UniKey Init Tool for more information on how to use the UniKey Drive Init Tool.