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Introduction to SecuTech & UniKey Drive

Introduction to SecuTech

SecuTech Solution Inc. founded in 2005, is a global leader in providing software protection and license management solutions, securely managed portable storage, two-factor authentication, and cloud computing. Its best-of-breed product portfolio meets the highest security, performance, and privacy standards of the most demanding software vendors, enterprise, government, and financial customers. SecuTech's UniKey Software Rights Management products are the first driverless hardware key choice of software developers and publishers to protect intellectual property, increase revenue, and reduce losses from software piracy.

UniToken is a USB-based authentication solution. The UniToken secure Web gateway provides the most advanced protection against the latest web-based threats and attacks. UniOTP is an open, flexible authentication solution that supports any form of authentication, including Windows log on, Active Directory authentication, cloud computing, and mobile authentication. It is natural that SecuTech includes OATH compatibility within its UniOTP two-factor authentication architecture. Over 1,000 customers in 62 countries choose SecuTech security products to protect their invaluable data and networks. SecuTech has resellers and offices in 16 countries, a worldwide network of channel partners, and has won numerous awards for innovation. SecuTech is a privately-held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

Introduction to UniKey Drive

UniKey Drive driverless USB

UniKey Drive is the first driverless dongle with secure mass storage. It offers a complete solution to store your application’s data files and your application securely. Coupled with a smart card, if offers the best way to protect your application and distribute it on a single device. It also offers all the other advantages offered by UniKey STD and PRO, i.e. hardware-based protection, hardware-based encryption, secure communication between the software and the dongle, cross-network licenses management, etc.

UniKey Drive key features and solutions

Safely distribute your software with hardware-based UniKey protection. Your software cannot be launched without the right UniKey inserted in the end user’s computer USB port or found on the local network. UniKey is driverless and lets you avoid problems such as 'driver not found' and extra work for the technical support team, since many dongle problems are caused by dongle drivers. HID and software ID provide an extra way to grant authorization to use the software. Protection schemes can take advantage of the HID (a unique hardware ID) and software ID (an ID for your software) as another means of identification.

Multi-platform support for Windows (98*, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 10), Mac OS X and Linux (2.4+). Remote license updates and management software, allowing vendors to remotely update the license of their software, add/remove functionality, extend the validity period, and so on. Anti-cloning protection besides being invisible to the end user when plugged in to the computer, UniKey comes with a protection system to prevent the cloning of UniKey by ill-disposed users. Versatile methods of licensing with UniKey let you easily implement varying types of schemes that are time-based, feature-based, floating licenses**, and many others.

Many supported programming languages include Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Foxpro, Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, PowerBuilder, LabView, WinDEV, Java, FileMaker, Clarion, Visual Basic.NET, Visual C#.Net, Visual C++.NET, Fortran, Visual DataFlex, Access, AutoCAD, dBaseFortran, Director, LabWindows, Matlab, MinGW, NSIS, Visual Object Cobol, PureBasic and many more.

License management across a local network UniKey Drive allows license management through the local network in a company. It's a great method to distribute and manage licenses in a company, just one UniKey can manage a whole company network. AES 128-bit hardware encryption for all communications between key and software, and all communications between clients and server are AES encrypted and digitally signed. Coming with mass-storage, UniKey Drive allows vendors to choose to group their software and protection methods (UniKey protection) in only one device and thus make it more convenient for end users.

Data Protection Solution by Using UniKey Drive

The Logic behind this Data Protection Solution

End users are able to simply plug in the UniKey Drive and play the data file without the requirement of installing a special player. The main issue is that end users do not get to copy or tamper with the file in any way or remove it from the drive. And there is also no trace of the file on the computer after the drive is removed. The data file and the corresponding standalone player are both stored on the UniKey Drive.

End users can easily plug the device in and start use the data straight away, as software protection is automatically run. Data is stored on the hidden partition of the UniKey Drive, of which there is no access to, preventing copying or tampering with the data file in any way. The corresponding standalone player is also protected and bound to the UniKey Drive, then put into the virtual CD-ROM partition; another partition located on the UniKey Drive, bringing convenience to the end user when running the player and starting to work. What’s more the end user can’t run the protected player without inserting the correct UniKey Drive into the system. This will prevent the player from being copied or used without authorization.

Flow Chart for Data Protection Solution

UniKey data protection solution flowchart

Implementation of Data Protection Solution

As UniKey Drive has four unique partitions, we use two of them to implement complete protection of the customer’s data, one is the virtual CD-ROM partition and the other is the hidden partition. The player will be stored on the virtual CD-ROM partition; the data file will be stored on the hidden partition.

The vendor will utilize the UniKey Tools or APIs to place the data file in the UniKey Drive’s hidden partition and put the encrypted and protected player into the UniKey Drive’s virtual CD-ROM partition. SecuTech will provide the UniKey Tools and APIs for the customer to aid in placing the data file in the UniKey Drive’s hidden partition and the encrypted and protected player into the UniKey Drive’s virtual CD-ROM partition. And SecuTech also provides a complete guide to the vendor, on how to use the UniKey Tools to implement these features. By using these UniKey Tools, it is very simple for vendors to place their files into the UniKey Drive’s hidden partition, encrypt and protect the corresponding player and place the player into the UniKey Drive’s virtual CD-ROM partition.

Customization for this Data Protection Solution

Unique HID Range and Serial Number Range

UniKey Drive HID displayed on USB port

Each UniKey Drive has a unique hardware ID (HID), engraved on the USB connector, all around the world, and we can customize a unique HID range for our customers.

Optional Metal Case Color

UniKey Drive case color display

Each UniKey Drive’s metal case is black by default and this can be customized to a unique color according to a customer’s request.

Optional Laser Logo Etching

laser engravings of a logo

Each UniKey Drive has the UniKey logo on the metal case by default this can be customized to the customer’s company logo via a laser etching technique.

Optional Functions for Software

Customers will get the corresponding software to use the UniKey Drive, and this software can be customized to fit the needs of a customer upon request.