Why choose SecuTech?

For the past decade we have been in the industry, SecuTech has been regarded as the highest quality software protection vendor on the market. At SecuTech we pride ourselves in our commitment to delivering excellent products to our customers. We deploy top of the line hardware and computer chips within all products that assure our clients optimal productivity, reliability and security.

Superior Quality: All our hardware products and software modules undergo rigorous quality control and during all stages of production.
Diverse expertise: At SecuTech we are experts in all things security, we have perfected security solutions that range from basic software protection to multifactor authentication, everything in between and more.
Guaranteed Compatibility: All our dongles are completely driverless, this avoids installation times and compatibility issues with drivers, allowing users to plug-in and get started straight away. Never again worry about end-user compatibility or office-wide updates. Additionally, SecuTech customizes its hardware components and guarantees 100-percent compatibility.
Convenience: SecuTech is a one stop shop for a wide range of security needs our wide range security solutions
Stability: Since 2005 SecuTech has sold millions of UniKey in the industry. Our latest technology serves thousands of governments, companies, resellers, individual developers and institutions worldwide.
Reliability: SecuTech’s commitment to using the highest-quality components and testing products to the point of perfection makes UniKey the most reliable product on the market.
Warranty: SecuTech offers a lifetime warranty on UniKey STD and PRO (North America only) and multi-year warranties on our UniKey Time, UniKey drives , UniOTP, UniToken and UniMate products.
Affordable Pricing: UniKey is guaranteed to be the most cost-effective software protection dongle on the market. We are eager to discuss your organisation’s individual needs to ensure the right product at the right price.

SecuTech Company

SecuTech has grown to be the world's largest driverless dongle vendor. Founded in 2005 SecutTech has grown from it humble beginnings offering a single line of UniKey products, into a company with an wide international presence offering an extensive range of products including UniKey, UniToken, UniOTP and UniMate products.

Reliability is one SecuTech’s core values and is at the cornerstone of our product strategy , SeuTech goes above and beyond industry standards when it comes to detail, product quality and reliability. The commitment to dependability contributes to the high degree of trust between SecuTech and its customers.

SecuTech Reliability and Experience

An important step in assuring reliability is selecting top notch hardware components that make up the products, SecuTech recognizes the importance of this and guarantee only the highest quality materials are used. SecuTech is one of the few security dongle manufacturers that meet all qualification criteria of components and tests modules at all stages of production. Our testing process is one of the most stringent in the information security industry. SecuTech works with world-class manufacturing to deliver bests products to customers.

International Organization for Standardization

ISO 9001

The ISO program is the international standard for overall quality business processes. ISO 9001 guides companies to create a foundation for conducting business procedures in a way meant to ensure companies conduct the highest caliber of workmanship possible. The framework comprises the entire span of delivering a product or service: purchasing raw materials or components, contract review, quality control product inspection, design, development, handling, delivery, employee training, and customer service and support. The purpose is to create a standard for overall quality business processes.

SecuTech has developed a quality system that meets the requirements specified by ISO 9001 standards and was certified in 2005 after its first audit. According to ISO assessors, only 30 percent of the companies that apply for certification pass on the first attempt. SecuTech has maintained its certification by continually passing audits performed every year.

Smart Card Suppliers

SecuTech has developed long-term relationships with the leading Smart card manufacturers. Our chips are purchased directly from these manufacturers. The components are shipped directly from the manufacturer's facility to SecuTech's facility minimizing handling and exposure to damage.

All chips delivered to SecuTech are scrutinized to ensure that only premium, qualified, and tested smart cards are accepted. As a leading smart card customer, SecuTech receives excellent quality and availability of chips. This availability allows SecuTech to offer a wide variety of products from those for legacy systems to the latest systems.

SecuTech Quality

SecuTech takes pride in its proactive role in verifying the quality and reliability of the components used in SecuTech products. SecuTech products are designed and built with components that are purchased from qualified suppliers that meet SecuTech's high quality standards. SecuTech has been ISO 9001 certified since 2005. SecuTech has not only obtained this high standard certification, but it has maintained and continuously improves its process to adapt to the changing demands of the volatile information security industry.


To guarantee 100-percent reliability and compatibility, smart cards are designed to meet the specific requirements of the system or class of systems in which the module will be installed. SecuTech engineers test the chips with the applications and operating systems most commonly used with the system. Since product performance varies slightly between brands of smart cards, SecuTech's design standards call for in-system qualification of every new module design.


SecuTech's proactive Supplier Quality Program certifies and monitors SMART CARD chips, boards (PCBs), and passive components. SecuTech has established strict control requirements that subject component lots received to testing for compliance.


All chips are sent directly from the manufacturer to SecuTech assembly plants to minimize handling and reduce the chance of damage. Numerous steps are taken throughout the entire assembly process to eliminate the possibility of electro-static discharge, which is the leading cause of chips failure.


SecuTech employs a multi-tiered testing system to ensure quality control throughout the manufacturing process. In addition to the rigorous tests performed on SMART CARD and other components, SecuTech subjects all new module designs to signal-quality testing, software stress testing, thermal testing, and system-specific, long-term reliability testing. SecuTech has also continued its long-standing practice of 100-percent production testing of all finished goods.

At SecuTech, we believe that quality is based on the synergy of all four areas: Design, Components, Assembly and Testing.


Many other chips module companies use a generic module for a variety of systems. SecuTech takes design to a higher level and manufactures system-specific chips. This means the design is customized to meet the chips requirements of the computer system for which the module is designed. The design is fine-tuned to match the timing of the system, to reduce noise and heat, and allow for the most efficient communication between the chips and the CPU. SecuTech also tests the module in the system using popular applications, operating systems and the original equipment manufacturers diagnostic program.


Buying SecuTech product is convenient. SecuTech product supports many major systems and offers many different types of technologies making SecuTech products an excellent choice for whatever your needs may be. Our free technical support is available www.esecutech.com/support to help with questions you may have.


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