Smart Phone Authentication

Mobile devices are playing an increasingly integral role in our lives on account of the rapid popularity of smart phone devices. As a consequence, with the increasing capabilities and complexity of mobile devices and the gradually growing incorporation of sensitive information on them, the added convenience brought by mobile devices also bring about new security risks.

This could not be truer for mobile banking. Users performing transactions and banking tasks on mobile devices risk theft of bank account details via a host of methods. Other sources of personally identifiable information can be stolen from mobiles phones and used in illicit activity. According to the 2011 Mobile Threat Report by Lookout, a highly-regarded mobile security company, 'attackers are deploying a variety of increasingly sophisticated techniques to take control of the phone, personal data, and money' and malware writers are recurrently 'using new distribution techniques'. Mobile malware is on the rise and no platform is unsusceptible, affecting Android, Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone and users of other platforms; evidently, more secure methods for performing tasks on mobiles such as online banking are necessary.

SecuTech offers UniMate STD and Flex, two multi-factor authentication devices designed primarily for use with mobile banking, whereby the addition of a physical device to the transaction process significantly increases the difficulty of bank account theft. UniMate Reader was designed by Secutech for secure mobile point-of-sale, capable to be used with TRRS interfaces and enabling the secure use of cards for transactions anywhere.

Mobile Transaction Verification

Designed specifically for banking on mobile platforms, requiring interaction with the physical device to successfully complete the transaction process. Safeguards bank account credentials from theft, where the technologies employed enable secure confirmation of transactions, and provide compatibility with all platforms supporting USB and TRRS interfaces.