Software Protection

Software products in today’s world are exposed to alarming rates of piracy and intellectual property theft. Malicious entities can deconstruct a software developer’s products to alter data, duplicate and distribute illegal copies of unlicensed software. These threats impact more than just the software ecosystem – such piracy threats directly affect customer satisfaction, data integrity, quality of products and ultimately have a negative impact on a company’s bottom line. In addition to economic losses, intellectual property theft also adversely affects innovation within the software development industry as a whole.

Licensing of software is difficult and complex to enforce, with some software vendors at times disregarding it all together. Software licensing that cannot be circumvented is paramount in avoiding the negative effects of security threats. Conventional licensing solutions are simply not sufficient in today’s market.

Secutech’s top of the line UniKey dongles offer power-packed hardware protection solutions for the diverse protection needs of software companies. The UniKey range provide solutions that range from compliant software licensing to flexible and versatile licensing schemes that remove bottlenecks in the distribution of software. SecuTech’s solutions assure increased efficiency in software distribution, protection against intellectual property abuse and revenue loss.

Compliant Software Licensing

UniKey STD

UniKey combines a customisable and easy to use interface to deliver the best in software license control. This is facilitated through the use of a physical dongle and password protection. With UniKey, only users in possession of both the physical dongle and necessary software IDs are able to use your software.

Stringent mechanisms are put in place to ensure software integrated within UniKey cannot be circumvented and adhere to the restrictions as set on the device. Coupled with the highest level of security, UniKey balances the need for easy software distribution and flexibility. Learn more about the UniKey STD

Corporate Software Management

UniKey PRO

Designed for corporate multi-user software, added networking functionality allows multiple concurrent users to use UniKey integrated software over the network. Perfect for developers releasing their software for wider distribution, a single dongle connected to any machine in the network allows a large number of concurrent users to access data. Additionally, UniKey PRO comes equipped features to monitor and manage the software’s users. Unikey PRO is versatile tool suited to developers licensing software to entire organisations or teams. Learn more about the UniKey PRO

Tiny Form Factor

UniKey STD PRO Mini

UniKey devices remain constantly plugged in to a device in order to have access to software. These devices have the tendency to occupy space, add to the clutter of peripherals and can be accidentally disconnected. UniKey minis prevent such issues, the convenience of a tiny, low-profile form factor ensures safety from external damage, and is practically invisible when in use. Both UniKey STD and UniKey PRO are available Mini versions.

Periodical Software Control

UniKey Time

Enables licensing of software that requires strict time-based software restrictions. Only available product on the market that comes with a real time clock that works independently of the host computer’s clock. By embedding the clock in the dongle ensures an accurate and tamper-proof time and date, offering assured observance of real-time based features. UniKey Time is the must-have device for software vendors offering trial or time-based schemes. Learn more about the UniKey Time

Controlled Data Storage

UniKey Drive

Further augments hardware-bound protection of software by proving secure mass storage that that allows data to be stored on the device. It offers a complete solution to store your application’s data files and your application securely. Mass storage is separated into four distinct partitions; normal, read-only, encrypted, and hidden storage. The UniKey drive guarantees integrity of the company’s data and prevents the manipulation of data by users who may have malicious intent. Learn more about the UniKey Drive

Dual Interface

UniKey STD Ultra Dual

Why pick and choose which platforms or devices to support in your distribution model due to port limitations (USB A and C), using the Dual range ensures that both transmission ports are supported simultaneously.

Learn more about the UniKey STD Dual and UniKey Ultra Dual