UniOTP 300


The UniOTP family offers a succinct range of one-time password authenticators that meet your needs whether cost, convenience or security is your priority. UniOTP authenticators generate secure one-time passwords, ensuring that only properly authenticated users are authorized access to critical applications and data. UniOTP authenticators comply with OATH standards and are ideal for remote access solutions.

UniOTP authenticators are available in both event-based and time-based types, and are built to be reliable for continuous use anywhere.


Event-Based Token

UniOTP 300 is an event-based authenticator, displaying a HOTP (event-based one-time password) onto the LED display after pressing the button on the device. UniOTP can be configured to generate 6 or 8 digit long OTPs, depending on the security requirements of users.



Dynamic passwords coupled with existing authentication systems overcome the limitations of static passwords, whereby successful authentication requires both the correct credentials and the generated one-time password unique to that instance, with no two identical OTPs ever generated.


Cryptographically Random

Passwords are randomly generated, and it is infeasible to reproduce like-passwords from the given allotment of possible passwords that can be generated.


Valid Once

Passwords generated by the token are only valid for use once, after which the generated password becomes invalid.


Ease of Use

Authentication with one-time passwords simply requires the user to enter the password read from the device, without the need of remembering or storing passwords.


Malware and Interception Safe

Malware and interception attempts used to gain access are not possible, even in the possession of a previously-used OTP, due to the dynamic nature of one-time passwords.


Brute-Force Resistant

With the dynamism offered by one-time passwords, brute-force attacks are rendered impractical.



The dynamic password token is communication-independent and does not require the connection of another device to operate, avoiding the risk of interception or malware infection altogether. As such, the token does not endure the risks of pluggable authentication devices, as passwords are only obtainable by visually reading the OTP from the device's LED display.


Report of Loss

Lost or stolen devices can be reported and deactivated from the system immediately, allowing risk control.


Robust, Cost-Effective, Economic

With the device's build designed to be waterproof and withstand continuous daily usage, on top of the inclusion of a 3-year warranty with each token, UniToken provides for a highly reliable and cost-effective authentication solution. In addition, each token allows battery life to be kept track of through the battery indicator on-screen.


Effortless Integration

Integration does not require the modification of code; simply integrate into existing authentication processes, with the authentication process consisting of the client, agent, and server, making it easily adaptable to function with prior processes.


Extensive Compatibility and Support

Compatible with the Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) protocol, with support for multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux, multiple web servers including Apache and IIS, multiple databases including Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL, and programming languages for the SDK include C, C#, C++, Java, and PHP.