UniMate STD


UniMate STD is a two-factor mobile authentication token, with its unique utilization of both a USB and a 3.5 mm audio jack allowing support for both desktop and mobile OSes. In addition to its pocket-sized form factor and customizable appearance, UniMate STD enables portable and multi-platform strong authentication for users at any place, at any time.


Transaction Confirmation

Transactions require the presence of the UniMate device in order to authenticate and complete transactions.


Transaction Signature

The transaction signature used to authenticate users can be developed and integrated within the authentication process with provided APIs, e.g. configuration for use in an online banking system.


Hybrid Interface

The UniMate's hybrid interface allows compatibility with a wide range of devices, supporting:

- Standard 3.5 mm audio socket, for use with iOS, Android and Symbian mobile devices.

- USB interface, for use with internet browsers IE, Firefox, Safari, Netscape and Opera on desktop operating systems.



Communication between a UniMate STD and the connected device is encrypted, preventing interception of data, and hence replay attacks.


High Performance Smart Card Chip

Hardware uses on-board smart card technology to perform generation of digital signatures, including 1024/2048-bit RSA, DES, 3DES encryption algorithms, which cannot be exported, ensuring guaranteed hardware security.


Unique Global 64-bit Hardware Serial Number

Each UniMate device uses a globally unique 64-bit hardware ID for identification.


Support for Several Algorithms

1024/2048-bit RSA secret key pair, RSA, DES, 3DES encryption algorithms and SHA-1 hashing algorithms supported.


Onboard Digital Signature

Digital signatures stored inside the token cannot be exported.


Effortless Integration and Further Development

Comprehensive collection of APIs provided to facilitate further development and integration.



UniMate is driverless; there is no need to install any drivers.


Numerous Browsers Supported

Common Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Netscape and Opera are supported.


PKI Application Support

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) application supported, including standard and safe middleware CSP and PKCS#11, and support for X.509v3 certificate standard with seamless integration with common PKI applications.


OEM Customization

The device's look can be customized upon the request of customers, including distinguishing features such as logos and the device's general appearance.


Apple MFi Certified

SecuTech's UniMate products are designed to connect specifically with iPod, iPhone or iPad, and have been certified to meet Apple's performance standards.