UniKey STD


UniKey STD is the leading USB-based solution to software protection. Whether you’re a seasoned programmer or security novice, UniKey’s highly customisable yet easy-to-use interface ensures software security.

With UniKey, you can ensure only users in possession of the physical dongle can access your software. Password authentication, software and hardware IDs, and a driverless format ensures high-level security without sacrificing ease of software distribution.

UniKey’s Enveloper tool allows you to protect your software quickly with no fuss, while API functionality allows advanced users to tinker until their heart’s content. Multiple protection schemes, remote updating and a massive memory capacity makes UniKey the most versatile tool on the market.

Available in both standard and mini formats.



UniKey is driverless, meaning users can plug-in and get started straight away.


Your Software, Your Terms

Protect your software on your terms with a range of licensing options, including feature-based, rental, subscription and more.


Two Token Licensing

Software is both password and dongle protected via 32-bit IDs, ensuring the highest level of security.


Remote Updating

Change passwords, functionality or rental periods remotely to ensure you never lose control of your software.


Hardened Security

Built-in tamper-residence and protection against cloning gives you peace of mind against security breaches.



Support on a wide variety of operating systems including Windows 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2008 and 7, Mac OS X and Linux 2.4+, both 32 and 64 bits.