UniKey PRO


UniKey PRO is the leading dongle-based software protection solution for license managements across local and remote networks. Including all the features of SecuTech’s trademark UniKey STD, the UniKey PRO is an invaluable upgrade for software developers looking to manage corporation or department-wide licenses, with only one dongle per network required for software activation.

UniKey PRO offers users driverless operation, hardware-based encryption, multiple protection schemes, embedded API protection, floating licensing ability for remote updates, massive memory capacity, and hardware and software IDs for identification of devices. PRO’s networking functionalities include white/blacklist functions, automatic Windows Firewall configuration and more. Control your software’s license across networks easily with minimal configuration, enhanced flexibility and SecuTech’s world-renowned security.

Available in standard and mini models.



UniKey is driverless, meaning users can plug-in and get started straight away.


Network Functionality

Network functionality allows a controlled number of networked clients to operate on a single UniKey device attached to the network. Functionality extends to black/white listing, elected licensing schemes, configuration with common firewalls and subnet crossing.


Encrypted Communication

All communication between clients and the server is 128-bit AES encrypted and digitally signed.


Versatile Methods of Licensing

UniKey supports a diverse range of licensing models appropriate to business needs, including feature-based, rental, subscription, floating and/or time-based, perpetual, try-before-you-buy, pay-per-use, volume licensing, and custom licensing schemes.


Hardware and Software Identification

Protection leverages a unique global 32-bit hardware ID and user-defined 32-bit software ID, as well as a 32-bit remote update tag, to grant authorization to use the software.


Anti-Cloning Protection

The protection system prevents the cloning of UniKey to evade restrictions set on the UniKey device and software.


Remote Update Management

Remotely update the license of your software on the UniKey device, such as add or remove functionalities, extend the validity period.



Support on a wide variety of operating systems including Windows 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2008 and 7, Mac OS X and Linux 2.4+, both 32 and 64 bits.