UniKey Drive


Built for secure storage, UniKey Drive is the first secure mass storage dongle with driverless software protection. UniKey Drive offers a complete solution for storage of your application’s software files, encrypted, hidden and read-only storage across four partitions, with smart card functionality for protecting software on top.

Four Unique Partitions

Control how your data is accessed with four unique partitions. Each partition is re-sizable and formatted with provided tools for full control over your UniKey.

Normal Partition

The Normal Partition functions as normal storage of data.

Virtual CD (read-only) Partition

The Virtual CD Partition functions as read-only access of data on the partition.

Password-protected Partition

The Password-protected Partition requires the correct password from the user to access the encrypted partition, suitable for secure storage of data.

Hidden Partition

The Hidden Partition can only be accessed through the correct password entered by the user via the use of APIs to gain access to the stored data.

Software Protection

In addition to secure mass storage, UniKey Drive offers all of UniKey PRO's software protection functionality, including driverless installation, hardware-based encryption, multiple protection schemes, embedded API protection, floating licensing, massive memory capacity, hardware and software IDs for identification of devices, and network functionality.



UniKey is driverless, meaning users can plug-in and get started straight away.


Secure Mass Storage

UniKey Drive offers mass storage across four different partitions: Normal, Virtual CD (read-only), Secure and Hidden Partitions, modifiable to suit any organisation's software protection needs.


Network Functionality

Network functionality allows a controlled number of networked clients to operate on a single UniKey device attached to the network. Functionality extends to black/white listing, elected licensing schemes, configuration with common firewalls and subnet crossing.


Encrypted Communication

All communication between clients and the server is 128-bit AES encrypted and digitally signed.


Your Software, Your Terms

Protect your software on your terms with a range of licensing options, including feature-based, rental, subscription and more.


Hardware and Software Identification

Protection leverages a unique global 32-bit hardware ID and user-defined 32-bit software ID, as well as a 32-bit remote update tag, to grant the authorization to use the software.


Anti-Cloning Protection

The protection system prevents the cloning of UniKey to evade restrictions set on the UniKey device and software.


Remote Update Management

Remotely update the license of your software on the UniKey device, such as add or remove functionalities, extend the validity period.



Support on a wide variety of operating systems including Windows 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2008 and 7, Mac OS X and Linux 2.4+, both 32 and 64 bits