Hybrid Interface Design

At SecuTech we recognize the importance of backwards compatibility, and as a rule, we design our SDKs, function calls, documentation and products to be as familiar as possible, yet allow for personalization and customization. Users can easily and reliably upgrade or downgrade depending on each use case. Our newest products are no exception.

Dual Software Protection Dongle for USB A and USB C

Don’t limit your software protection/licensing scheme and end-user experience by discriminating on the USB port. Enjoy the same “one-to-one” software protection & licensing as the UniKey STD, or comprehensive network features of the UniKey PRO with both USB A and USB C connectors.

A Complete Multi-Factor Authentication Suite

Mobile devices are playing an increasingly integral role in our lives on account of the rapid popularity of smart phone devices. As a consequence, with the increasing capabilities and complexity of mobile devices and the gradually growing incorporation of sensitive information on them, the added convenience brought by mobile devices also bring about new security risks.

FIPS 140-2 Smart-Card PKI Authentication

Strong Smart-Card based Two Factor Authentication (TFA) is not a new concept, however is still one of the most secure methods of authenticating your credentials at the login process. FIPS 140-2 (Level 2) certified tokens for both PC (USB A) and Mobile devices (TRRS – 3.5mm) that offer the highest forms of cryptography, with an interchangeable SDK/API.

UniMate Hybrid Interface

UniMate Family

One Time Password Authenticators

Conventional verification procedures combined with One-Time Password (OTP) authentication enable highly secure authentication, while still having intuitive deployment and use. Perfect as a turkey solution for end-users, while offering the benefits of strong Two Factor Authentication (TFA) solution.

UniOTP 300 500 Specifications

UniOTP Family