OEM Customization Service

Customization is at the heart of the business:

Here at SecuTech we understand that: “Your business, software and requirements are diverse from your competitor’s”. Therefore, as an established hardware manufacturer of Software protection dongles, strong two factor authentication (PKI & OTP) & secure flash storage, there are no half measures. With decades of experience our R’n’D technicians can offer a multitude of customization options: from physical to software/API based, or a brand-new custom solution. Got ideas? Send us a message.

Case Customization

OEM case colours

Enjoy a unique color and design our using our OEM case options.

Laser Logo and Serial Engraving

OEM laser logo engraving

Engrave your organization or brand image directly on the metal jacket for maximum integration and personalization.

OEM case engraving

Keep track of your batch tokens with custom HID values, serials and ID’s that can be programmed & engraved.

Logo, serial and engraving options are available for Mini variants as well.


OEM Service Straps

Keep hold of your tokens with customizable straps, available in a multitude of colors.